How Accelerated Mobile Pages Boost Your SEO Ranking

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a platform that helps website owners to publish websites that perform even better in smartphones in both the matter speed and responsiveness.

Accelerated Mobile Pages was introduced by Google in October 2015 to avoid the loading time and instantly serve the content to the visitor.

Today AMP is a trending topic in SEO which will help you to deliver high-speed webpages. The fast loading mobile web pages will benefit your users, it may be an important SEO ranking factor.

It runs on the standard framework of CSS which is imposed on any site to follow. Once it is submitted, the post is then reviewed and ranked higher in mobile phone results. 

There are many advantages of AMP Pages which are elaborated below:

1. Usually lower bounce rates, sometimes it too lower

Bounce rate refers to the total number of people visited your website's landing page and left your website without any further browsing. Bounce rate is calculated in percentage, 0% bounce means your visitors are greatly engaged with your website's content while 100% bounce rate means people leaves your website without any further browsing.

Mostly, non-mobile-friendly websites take too much time to load on mobile phones; hence it results into increase in bounce rate. So, AMP pages are very effective in reducing your website's bounce rate.

2. High SEO Ranking - Increase the number of Mobile Keywords That Rank in Google

Getting support from the search engine like Google is a great thing. AMP websites are mobile friendly as well as effective in page loading and these two factors are significant in SEO, your AMP website posts ultimately get a higher ranking in the Google search engine.

Page loading and mobile friendliness, these are the two main reasons why AMP websites get higher ranking in Google instead of any unresponsive and sluggish website.

3. Effectiveness in speed, faster page load times

This is the main thing why Accelerated Mobile Pages are known for. Google gives AMP's high ranking because they are very effective in speed and Google wants its users to get satisfied in all aspects of content quality, depth of content and loading speed.

Hence, speed effectiveness very important for any website, users prefers to visit those websites that deliver them the information they are looking for in a quick manner.

4. Heaven for mobile phone users

Mobile phone users are increasing day by day. In 2019, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass 5 billion. With these huge number of mobile users, still increasing, there is the need for a lot of content online which is mobile friendly and speed effective content.

So, Accelerated Mobile Pages are heaven for mobile phone users, as they play a significant role in delivering great user experience.


As the number of mobile phone users is increasing rapidly, there is the need for a tool which delivers the content effectively; there Accelerated Mobile Pages came into existence by Google. Instead of visiting non-mobile-friendly, unresponsive and sluggish websites, AMPs helps users in avoiding those websites.

The kinds of websites that are going to be benefited with AMPs are publishing sites, News Portals and Blogging websites. These are the type of websites that need to be updated regularly. So, here we can conclude that AMP is of great importance in delivering good user experience and also it will help you to increase your website SEO ranking as well.